Injury Attorney

Interviewing a Personal Injury Attorney
If you have been injured in an accident resulting from the negligence of another, a personal injury attorney can provide you the legal counsel to determine if you have the right to damages. During the interview between the victim and the attorney it will be determined if you have a good case in which you may be compensated for your injuries. Most personal injury attorneys provide free consultations giving you the choice of whether or not to hire the attorney based upon your comfort level. This interview will also give the attorney a choice of whether he or she is willing to provide legal services for you.
When you are interviewed by the attorney he or she will ask several questions to determine if they believe you have a good case. They will want to how the incident occurred, who was negligent, what happened soon after the accident occurred, if there were witnesses and what types of injuries resulted from the accident. These questions are important because it will determine whether or not the victim will be entitled to compensation. One of the major deciding factors in determining whether a person has a good case or not, is whether the other person was at fault.
An attorney may tell you that he is she believes there is a good chance of winning compensation from the case; however the attorney will provide no guarantees because a lawsuit is unpredictable. Most personal injury lawsuits are filed against an insurance company. When you hire an attorney it’s always a good idea you ask the attorney if he or she has experience in negotiating settlements or winning cases against the represented company. These settlements should include costs for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses and other related expenses.
Most claims are settled out of court. If an attorney has experience in working with the represented company he or she probably has an understanding of their thresholds. An attorney will write a letter to the insurer in hopes they will make a fair offer to the client. If the letter does not grab their attention, a lawsuit will be filed.
When settlement talks fall apart an attorney should be ready to take the case to trial. A good question you can ask the attorney prior to hiring him or her is if the case does not settle are they prepared to take the case to trial.
A lawsuit can take months or even years before a settlement is reached or before the case goes to trial. It’s important that you feel comfortable with the attorney and believe he or she will provide the services needed to get you compensated for your case. If you were injured in an accident and considering filing a lawsuit, you should always seek legal guidance from an experienced personal injury attorney.
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Josh Shores is a Director with LawLeaf, a lawsuit funding company.